Lionel ROGG

Lionel ROGGLionel Rogg’s career was launched with the works of J. S. Bach. After finishing his studies at the Geneva Conservatory with Pierre Segond for organ and Nikita Magaloff for piano, Lionel Rogg gave a series of ten recitals at the Victoria Hall, Geneva, performing the complete organ works of Bach. The success of these performances led to the recording of this impressive programme.

Since that time, Lionel Rogg has travelled the world, giving countless organ recitals in Europ East and West, the Americas, Australia, Korea and Japan.His recordings include three versions of the Bach’s organ works, the Art of Fugue (Prix de l’Académie Charles Cros 1970), the complete organ works of Buxtehude (Deutscher Schallplattenpreis 1980), Couperin, Clérambault, Grigny and Brahms, and recordings of Liszt, Reger, etc.

Professor of Organ at the Geneva Conservatory until 2001, Lionel Rogg has welcomed students from all over the world. He frequently gives master-classes in Universities and Honchshulen and is now be professor of organ and improvisation at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

More recently, Lionel Rogg has developped his talents as a composer. His catalogue contains numerous works for organ, piano, for choir and orchestra and for chamber music. He has recently been commissioned by the city of Geneva to write a concerto for organ and orchestra to mark the 1993 inauguration of the new organ (built by Van den Heuvel) in the Victoria Hall, Geneva. He is now organist in charge of this instrument.

In 1989, Lionel Rogg received an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Geneva.