Jean-Luc ÉTIENNE has studied the organ with Pierre Cortellezzi, André Stricker and Louis Thiry. The latter’s teaching, as well as his close relationship with the organist and composer Jean-Jacques Grunenwald had a great impact on him.

As a finalist in the Toulouse International Competition 1986, dedicated to contemporary organ music, he revealed his unfailing attachment to the music of his time.

Jean-Luc Etienne teaches the organ at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Tours, notably within the Department of Early Music.

He gives numerous concerts in France and abroad, publishes articles in various magazines and devotes an ever growing part of his activities to composing. His catalogue includes instrumental pièces for the Keyboard, organ, harpsichord and piano, violin, cello, viola da gamba, harp, flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, horn and basson as well as vocal music.

Jean-Luc ETIENNE - Chartres 2007

Jean-Luc ÉTIENNE – Chartres 2007