Hayo BOEREMAHayo Boerema was born in Groningen (Netherlands) in 1972.

He studies at the La Haye Royal Conserva-tory where he obtains several diploma : diploma of sacred music (1995), the organ diploma in 1997 and the improvisation di-ploma (1999).

Afterwards, he continues his improvisation training with Naji Hakim in Paris.

Taking part in famous international compe-titions, he wins the following prizes :

– in 1998, he is one of the finalists in the Haarlem International Improvisation Com-petition ; and in Vienna he wins the 1rst prize at the International Anton Heiller Improvisation Competition.

– in 1999, at the International Improvisation Competition in Nuremberg, he wins the 1rst prize Johann Pachelbel as well as the prize of the public ; later, the city of Paris awards him the 1rst Prize of its 3rd International organ competition and he wins also the 2nd prize at the St. Albans’ international organ competition.

At the present time he is organist and choir master at St. Jacob’s Church in Winterswijk (Netherlands).