Christoph OSTENDORFChristoph Ostendorf, is born in 1981. After his first studies by Markus Eichenlaub and Roland Maria Stangier he gratuated from the conservatory Folkwang in Essen/Germany.

From 2002 to 2006 he used to be organist of the church „Herz Jesu“ in Bottrop. He was also assistant of the International Summer-Master-Classes of Gregorian Chant and of the Festival „Orgel Plus“.

He participated to the master-classes given by Jon Laukvik, Gerhard Weinberger, Alexander Fiseisky, Pieter van Dijk and Tomasz Nowak.

Since 2006 he studies conducting by Jörg-Peter Weigle at the conservatory „Hanns Eisler“ in Berlin and continues his organ-studies with Patrick Delabre in Chartres.

Christoph OSTENDORF - Chartres 2007

Christoph OSTENDORF – Chartres 2007