Alfonso VEGA-NUÑEZAlfonso Vega Nunez was the organist of the Cathedral of Morelia, Michoacán, México for 60 years and also the initiator, director and promoter of the International Organ Festival in the city of Morelia, which now bears his name : “Alfonso Festival Nuñez Vega “.

Virtuoso musician and man of culture, Don Alfonso was born in Puruandiro, Michigan September 17, 1924. At 12, he joined the School of Children of the Cathedral and the Sacred Music School of Morelia, where he made a brilliant career under the direction of renowned masters Miguel Bernal Jiménez and Ignacio Mier Arriaga. In 1940, he obtained a degree in Gregorian chant and the title of master of musical composition. In 1946, the body Baccalaureate.

Since 1943, he was appointed organist of the Cathedral Moreliana. From 1946 to 1963 he taught piano and organ. At the School of Folk Fine Arts, he was a piano teacher since 1948, and Harmony and History of Music.

At the same time, he developed significant teaching and promotion of sacred music ; he leads a concert activity in major forums in Europe (Vienna, Madrid, Paris and Germany), and Latin America. He wrote many works for organ, certain liturgical : Mass for choir and organ, motets, sacred songs, etc. He has recorded albums under international labels like Peerless Luzam and Cook.