Lidia KSIAZKIEWICZKsiazkiewicz Lydia (born in Poznan) – Polish pianist and organist . She graduated from playing the piano and organ at the Music Academy in Bydgoszcz and Poznan.

Postgraduate studies in the field of organ held in France in Saint-Maur/Paris Conservatory under Professor Éric Lebrun, where he received the Premier Prix d’Excellence. At the same conservatory was also studied in the classroom harpsichord. She has won many music competitions : Grand Prix d’orgue de l’Academie des Beaux Arts in Angers, France ; Grand Prix Music Competition in Warsaw of the twentieth century International Organ Competition in Rimini, Italy, place and special prize ; International Competition in Chartres, finalist diploma ; International Organ Competition them. C. Franck in Haarlem, the third place ; International Organ Competition of Max Reger and Olivier Messiaen in Graz, special award ; Music Competition in Warsaw of the twentieth century – the Grand Prix.

She performs regularly at many prestigious music festivals in Europe (including Vienna ORF Radio Hall, Philharmonic Hall in Bilbao , and Krakow, Notre-Dame in Paris , Haarlem, Copenhagen, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Bordeaux, Saint-Remy) and also participates juries in organ competitions. As a soloist she played with many orchestras, including Symphony orchestra in Krakow Philharmonic, Slovak Sinfonietta, and the Orchestre de Bretagne. Lidia Ksiazkiewicz is a lecturer, playing the organ and piano in two French conservatories. She is also the author of numerous publications on teaching and master classes piano and organ.

Lidia KSIAZKIEWICZ - Chartres 2004

Lidia KSIAZKIEWICZ – Chartres 2004