Instrumental and Voices Quartet :
Nathalie Lefebvre-Maisongrande – Pierre Zevort – Augustin Zevort – Genes Ogheard – Solistes de l’Ensemble vocal CHAM du Collège Condorcet de Dourdan

Nathalie Lefebvre-Maisongrande, a lyric soprano, obtained her agrégation in music (French state examination) at the age of twenty-three, as well as first prizes from the Conservatoire in lyric singing, flute and musical training. She perfected her vocal technique and studied voice pedagogy with Gilles Denizot (Studio Operalab Paris) and ARIAM.
For over twenty years, she has devoted herself to teaching vocal technique and choral singing (Paris IV la Sorbonne, children’s master classes, CHAM classes, IUFM de Créteil, public Education, vocal coaching for soloists and actors). At the same time, she conducts adult and children’s choirs, sharing her knowledge and passion with the choristers.
She performs regularly as a soloist in a repertoire of Lieder, melodies and oratorio (Mozart’s Coronation Mass and Vespers of a Confessor in 2023).

Pierre Zevort, titular organist of the historic Dourdan organ, is a teacher with the French Ministry of Education, and teaches music in the music sections of Dourdan’s Collège & Lycée Condorcet.
A student of André Isoir and Jean Galard, he performs in numerous concerts in France and abroad (Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Ukraine, Brazil, Germany, USA).

Genes Ogheard graduated in June 2022 from the Conservatoire de Boulogne-Billancourt with a DEM music diploma in Frédéric Presle’s class. He is currently enrolled in the Cycle pluridisciplinaire d’études supérieures de Jazz at the Conservatoire Paris-Saclay, in Jean Gobinet’s class.
A versatile musician, Genes Ogheard easily embraces different musical styles, from baroque to jazz. He has performed in numerous churches in Paris, including Saint-Paul Saint-Louis and the Dominican Convent. This diversity has enabled him to perform alongside great musicians such as Ibrahim Maalouf at La Seine Musicale.

Augustin Zevort is a graduate of the Boulogne Regional Conservatory, and a pupil of Frédéric Presle. He has performed extensively in orchestras, and as a soloist in duets with organ.
He currently works as a music education teacher at the Jeanne d’Arc secondary school in Dourdan, where he passes on his knowledge and passion for music to young pupils.

CHAM soloists
Garance Bounadi-Grison, Nina Colas, Lucille Crespo,
Lison Lecot, Emy Maji, Mathilde Tranquart-Lossouarn
Made up of girls in CHAM classes (Music classes with flexible schedules) at Dourdan’s Condorcet secondary school, the choir has given numerous concerts in Paris, in partnership with the Massy opera house, in Germany and in London.
Singing is one of the major elements in the training of these young musicians. The CHAM section comprises some 60 children aged 11 to 15, both instrumentalists and singers.

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