Mithra VAN EENHOOGE - Chartres 2012-2Mithra Van Eenhooge started studying music at the Conservatory of his hometown Bruges.

He also studied at the Academy for Music and Dance in Ghent.

He studied organ with Ignace Michiels at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent and obtained his masters degree with the highest distinction in 2008. Consequently he studied with Éric Lebrun in Paris whom he obtained the Prix de perfectionnement.

He participated at several masterclasses with O. Latry, L. Van Doeselaar, J. Laukvik, J-B. Robin and J-C. Zehnder.

In 2008 Van Eenhooge received both Prices at the organ festival in Kortrijk (Belgium)

Mithra Van Eenhooge is assistant-organist at the St. Saviours cathedral in Bruges and organist at the St. Katarina church. He plays concerts both as a soloist and as accompanist.

Mithra VAN EENHOOGE - Chartres 2012

Mithra VAN EENHOOGE – Chartres 2012