Georges BESSONNET was born in Paris, where he began organ studies with Françoise Renet, Georges Robert, Rolande Falcinelli, then André Isoir, and musical writing with Christian Gouinguené.

He won the First Prize in organ from the Versailles National Conservatory, and the First Prize in organ and fugue from the Paris National Conservatory. He participated in several international competitions, including Saint Alban’s in England and Chartres in France…. He obtained the Organ Teaching License from the Ministry of Culture.

Teaching in several conservatories, he was notably teaching organ and musical writing in the Meudon Departmental Conservatory and was for many years a teacher at the Sorbonne Music and Musicology University in Paris.

Georges Bessonnet is giving many concerts as a soloist, both in France and abroad (Germany, Austria, England, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Canada, China, USA, Philippines…) and took part in several festivals, including Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, Auvers-sur-Oise, Maseveaux, Chartres, Exeter, Turin, Montreal…

He recorded many CDs both as a solo performer and in collaboration with other artists: the organ works by Saint-Saëns (Accord), Jean Langlais (Syrius) and Mendelssohn (Syrius), the Church Sonatas by Mozart (BNL), « Pièces en Style Libre » by Louis Vierne (Syrius) and more recently, Schumann’s complete works for organ or pedal piano.

His musical compositions were rewarded in several international contests : among these, many vocal and instrumental works, notably for brass instruments (Billaudot Ed.), but also pieces for choir and orchestra.

Georges Bessonnet is currently Great Organ titular, musical chief for the Maîtrise d’Antony, which he accompanies since 1975, and co-titular of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Sceaux Church’s organ.
He is Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.