Bernhard MARX

Bernhard MARXAfter solid studies in Germany with the Professor Ludwig DOERR, Bernhard MARX, born in 1949, traveled to France to study with Marie-Claire ALAIN and Gaston LITAIZE.

He attended during the same period the masterclasses of Anton HEILLER in Vienna and of Luigi-Ferdinando TAGLIAVINI in Bologna. Winner of several international competitions Bruges, Sarrebruck,…

Bernhard MARX was named in 1972, organist of the Johanneskirche in Freiburg-im-Bresgau, Germany, and organ professor at the Music Academy in the same town. Since 1979, he has also been organ professor at the Conservatory of Sacred Music in Rottenburg.

In addition, Bernhard MARX is organ expert to the Archdiocese of Freiburg-im-Bresgau. He performs regularly in Europe : Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great-Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland… as well as in the USA and Canada.

He has also made several recordings for radio, television and records.