Raphaël TRARIEUXRaphaël Trarieux was born in Bordeaux in 1965. In his early childhood he already develops a strong sense of music. Later he decides to learn to play the piano, and then the organ, while continuing secondary cycle studies in his home town.

He takes lessons with the most demanding teachers, in particular with Susan Landale, who is well-known in France, in Great Britain or in the United States, not only as on excellent organ teacher, but also as an intemationally acknowiedged concert performer.

At the age of 21, Raphaël Trarieux is appointed supply organist of the great organ of St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Bordeaux, one of the most important instruments in France. Regularly, he returns to St. Andrew’s to accompany the services.

Furthermore he is studying with Patrick Delabre, the titular organist of Chartres Cathedral ; in this prestigious cathedral Raphaël Trarieux also plays during services.

In 2010 Raphaël Trarieux has been bestowed the title of “chevalier des arts et des lettres”.

Despite of his intensive piano, harpsichord and organ training and his concerts in France and abroad, Raphaël Trarieux has made, since 1993, a professional career as a magistrate : today he fills the office of vice-président of the District Court in Chartres.

Raphaël TRARIEUX - Chartres 2012

Raphaël TRARIEUX – Chartres 2012

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